lundi 29 août 2011

Stop Hair Growth on Stomach


Hair growth on the stomach is a frustrating & embarrassing issue. There are dozens of products available at the pharmacy to stop hair growth; however, choosing the right product is tricky. Over-the-counter options, such as depilatory creams are a cheap fix. However, medical products, such as laser hair removal & electrolysis, are also available. Learning about the ways will help in minimizing stomach hair growth.

Step one

Wax stomach hair at home. Waxing kits can bought at most drugstores. Follow directions, which usually involve applying a sticky wax to the affected area. A cloth strip applied & quickly pulled off to remove hair on the stomach. Waxing lasts up to six weeks, according to Kids Health.
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Step three

Apply a depilatory cream to the stomach area. These products, available at most drugstores, work by interfering with the hair's protein structure, according to Kids Health. Apply the cream as directed to stop stomach hair growth. Results last up to weeks. After this time, you will need to reapply the solution.

Step two

Go for laser hair removal. Laser hair removal works to finish growth in the hair follicle. The treatment is most effective for people with light skin & dark stomach hair because the light absorbed simpler. Results last up to 12 months. Repeat treatments will needed at this time to keep up the desired results.

Step five

Visit a salon. In the event you have difficulty waxing your stomach at home, try visiting a salon. A salon is more pricey, however, worth it for some people. Technicians trained in applying & removing waxing strips to cause the least discomfort.

Step four

Go for electrolysis to remove tiny areas of hair on the stomach. In the work of this procedure, a technician inserts a tiny need in to the hair follicle, sending a powerful current to the root of the hair. This is a very time-consuming method, taking hours to complete. Results are usually permanent, according to Kids Health. An electrolysis can decide if you are a lovely candidate for this procedure.
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Tips & Warnings

* Sensitive skin may react to depilatory creams. Try a tiny area of the skin before apply to the stomach area, recommends Kids Health. Don't leave the solution on the skin for longer than recommended, which may cause irritation.
* Skin waxing is not best for people with moles, sunburns or skin irritation, according to Kids Health.


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